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"Satellite Transponders"
Satellite Dish Installation Guide
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installation and tuning of a satellite dish
настройка программ спутникового тв и интернета
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SatFinder PRO is a professional tool for tuning your satellite antenna
You no longer need to search for desired satellite, just enter in "Display Satellite" mode, point your iOS device towards the sky and watch all available satellites of your location
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Satellite Transponders
This program is a data base of all satellites in the world. It was developed by computer programmers of in order to find easily the parameters of the transponder amateur satellite antennas. The program refers to our website and can not be used for download on any other site.
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SatFinder PRO
Профессиональный инструмент для настройки вашей антенны
узнать подробности   Установка и настройка спутниковых антенн. Техническая поддержка:
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